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Eve Levine

Recent Entries

9/30/10 10:15 pm - New York City, Thursday Evening

Eve had been coming down with something for the past couple days, so it wasn't really surprising when she'd woken up that morning feeling like absolute shit. She'd crawled out of bed only long enough to shower -- and pray to God she didn't pass out in the shower -- before putting fresh pajamas on and crawling back into bed.

She'd slept most of the day, which meant that now she was pretty much wide awake. And since she hadn't eaten anything, she was in the kitchen fixing herself a bowl of soup. She wasn't actually hungry, but she knew she needed to at least try getting something into her system.

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8/31/10 06:31 pm - New York City, Tuesday Evening

Eve was sitting on the floor of her living room, homework spread out in front of her as she ate directly from a takeout carton. Yum, Chinese. From a place Benicio had recommended, but she was going to ignore that part.

She had her phone off to the side, close enough that she could get to it but far enough away that she could mostly resist the temptation to grab it and start texting people. She did have work to do, after all.

... clearly, this meant that people just needed to call her, instead.

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6/30/10 08:50 pm - New York City, Wednesday Evening

It'd been a long day, which meant Eve was about to settle in with two of her favorite things: booze and really bad horror movies. Because really, when you were both witch and demon, the inaccuracies that movies held about both species could be pretty damn hilarious. Okay, and occasionally vaguely close to the truth, but mostly just wrong and hilarious as hell.

She popped a DVD in, hit play, and headed off to the kitchen in search of booze. A couple minutes later, having missed absolutely nothing of importance, she was curled up on the couch with a beer in hand.

Ah, this was the life.

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5/2/10 06:00 pm - Jello Dragon Suite, Sunday Evening

Eve's portal out wasn't until the next morning, but she was getting her things packed now. Or at least vaguely together, so she wouldn't have to run around the next morning and risk being late.

The TV was on, some news channel that Eve wasn't particularly paying attention to aside from following it enough to know it was some financial show. She was more interested in getting her stuff together, dirty laundry going in a bag, and then looking over the bar to see what they hadn't gone through the night before.

There wasn't much left, really, but there was a psychotically over-priced can of Coke left, which Eve promptly snagged out of the mini-bar before finally sitting down in front of the TV.

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5/1/10 08:19 pm - Jello Dragon Suite, Saturday after graduation

After graduation was over and after having talked to Annja, Gwynn, and Savannah, Eve headed back to her suite. She didn't have to be off-island for another day or two, so she was going to make the most of it by God. And that included enjoying the Jello Dragon Suite as much as was possible.

The first thing she did was change into jeans and a t-shirt. The second thing she did was fix herself a drink. And the third thing she did was check her school email to make sure she didn't have anything to reply to. (She'd kept up a rigorous correspondence with her professors during that month she'd been gone, and they'd been awesome about it. Of course, she'd explained it as a family issue, but details details. She wasn't telling them she'd turned into someone else and killed people.)

The fourth thing she did? Sprawl out on the couch with a contented sigh and turn the TV on.

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3/19/10 06:33 pm - Angel Grove, Friday Evening

Eve was glad that she'd come to Angel Grove; all Adam had told his friends what that she was coming for a visit because she needed to get away for a while, but even just that had been enough to make them all worry a little. She'd gotten offers from more than one of them to let her stay with them while she was there, but she'd really preferred a hotel room. It meant she could still sit in quiet and think when she needed to, even if she'd spent the majority of her time the past several days with everybody.

The boys made sure she always had someone with her if she went anywhere, while the girls distracted her with shopping and going to the movies and just doing girl-type things. She really kind of loved this. She hadn't had many friends growing up or even as an adult, and while she had her friends from Fandom, they were all like her in a lot of ways. This group... they were all just so blessedly normal, just average teenagers. It was an interesting change.

At the moment, she was sprawled out on the bed in her room, attempting to watch an episode of a TV show that she'd really kind of adored the first time around... which technically this was for it, but... oh, Fandom, how special you make the universe.

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3/10/10 07:42 pm - New York City, Wednesday Evening

Eve was used to the whole alternate universe weekend thing, after two years at Fandom. So when the third weekend was just about due to roll around, she wasn't terribly surprised. And when it happened, she wasn't herself to care, anyway. And then when it was over, she'd been too shocked and numb to really deal.

So now it was Wednesday, a few days after the fact.

And the reality of the weekend hit her on the drive home from work.

She barely managed to get back to her apartment and safely inside before she started shaking. She locked the door behind her and went to slump down on the couch.

It wasn't like she hadn't killed anybody before, but that'd been different. That'd been to protect herself and/or Savannah. This? Had... not even been her.

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3/6/10 10:30 pm - New York City, Saturday

Elizabeth had spent the early afternoon hours just walking around the park, quietly observing the people. She wasn't expecting to actually find anybody worth her special brand of justice, but you never knew. And at any rate, she wouldn't know for certain if she didn't pay attention.

The closest she'd come was that pickpocket that'd run by her an hour ago. She'd contemplated it, but in the long run he hadn't really done anything -- mostly because he'd gotten caught not long after running by her -- so the time it'd take to get him somewhere alone wouldn't have been worth it. If she was going to do this today, she was going to do it right. She wasn't going to do it just to do it.

Besides, it was a nice enough day. Little chilly, but nothing her jacket wasn't taking care of. Spending some time outside could be good for her.

And almost as if it were fate, Elizabeth heard a scream. Curious, she went to follow it.

What she found was a young woman on the ground, with a guy straddling her hips. Only it didn't look -- or sound -- like the girl was enjoying it one bit.

"Get off her!" Elizabeth commanded. "Girl, get out of here."

The girl didn't need any added encouragement; she took off like a bolt of lightning.

Elizabeth smiled darkly. "You, stay right there." The knife she picked up off the ground -- which, she presumed, was from the man's attempt to lure the girl -- was held out towards him.

"I'm dealing with you myself."


3/6/10 04:56 pm - New York City, Saturday Morning

Rachael Newman -- no, she was Elizabeth McGuire now, she still had to remind herself even after several years -- was up early, as was her usual. She went out for a jog, all the while mulling over her latest case. It was getting to everybody, even her, though it was getting to her for entirely different reasons. The others were upset about not having the suspect caught yet, but she was upset because it was taking her so long to figure him out and find him.

And now, back in her apartment, she was on the computer trying to get into her files on her computer at work. Which wasn't working and was royally pissing her off.

Even a day off made her still want to work.

Scowling, Elizabeth stood, pushing away from the desk and stomping off towards the bedroom.

When she came back out, she was in jeans and a t-shirt, looking young and completely unassuming. If she couldn't find her suspect, by God she'd find someone who needed taking out. It was so easy.

[Open for sudden visits before she leaves, emails, phone calls while she's out, you name it! Eve is now Rachael/Elizabeth/God only knows who else from American Psycho II.]

2/28/10 09:35 pm - New York City, Sunday Evening

It'd been a good day for Eve, actually. For once, work and school and her social life were all cooperating with each other, which left Eve without the usually present urge to smack people.

As a result, she was pretty damn cheerful as she puttered around the apartment, picking up and tidying and just in generally putting it back in proper order. As she cleaned, she was making a mental list of everybody she needed to call for whatever random reason: Savannah, Sean, Phoebe, Gwynn... and that was where her brain stalled out. Whoops.

Cleaning was killer.

Giving up her attempt at dusting -- largely because she was on a sneezing jag -- she flopped down on the couch and reached for the remote.

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