Eve Levine (blackmagic_eve) wrote,
Eve Levine

New York City, Wednesday Evening

Eve had stuck around Fandom just long enough to make sure her loved ones were all right before she'd taken off for home, where she'd promptly crawled into bed and hidden, surfacing only long enough each morning to call off work. There was no way she could face normality at the moment, she just couldn't. Maybe in a few days. And it was her place, she could do what she damn well pleased.

At the moment, though, she sat up in bed, her cell phone in her hands as she debated calling people just to check up on them one more time.

And then she remembered someone she hadn't called at all. Adam. She'd been so focused on not falling apart that she'd neglected to call him, which was not at all like her but entirely understandable. But was she ready to yet? She wasn't sure.

[For one mostly, but open for calls and visits as well.]
Tags: adam park, detention was horrible, eve levine, i may never be the same, nyc
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