Eve Levine (blackmagic_eve) wrote,
Eve Levine

New York City, Tuesday Afternoon

Eve was done with school for the year, which meant all she had to worry about was the store. Which was where she should have been, would have been if not for the voicemail from Savannah... and the two calls from Johnny. She'd ignored them rather than answer them, but had cut her day short and gone home early.

So now she was in her apartment, curled up on the couch and worrying for her daughter and wondering what was wrong. Because something was obviously very wrong. She just hoped Savannah would call her soon to let her know what exactly it was. Sooner rather than later, because she knew her daughter. There'd be a phone call eventually.

Sighing, she moved to her computer and tried to distract herself.

[open for phone calls, visits, texts, whatever!]
Tags: eve levine, i worry about my daughter, nyc, something's wrong
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