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New York City, Sunday Evening

Eve was of the opinion that homework was ass. She hadn't liked it the first time she'd had to do it, and she hadn't liked it when she was at Fandom, so why the hell was she going to like it now that she was a business major?

Answer: she wasn't.

Which explained why she was sitting on her couch with a textbook on her lap and a pint of ice cream in her hands. If she had to study, she might as well have fun while doing it.

And then later she'd call Sean and make him explain this stuff to her so it actually sounded like English and not utter nonsense.

Or she'd do it tomorrow, since Phoebe was coming over tonight. Yeah, that would make more sense. Because really, like Eve was going to be in any mood to do her homework once her friend actually got there? Hell, she was barely in the mood to do it now. But she had to admit, at least it killed the time.

[For Phoebe!]
Tags: eve levine, homework is evil, is this even in english?, nyc, phoebe halliwell
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