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Angel Grove, Wednesday Fandom-time

Things occurred to Eve at the most random of times, like when the fact that her boyfriend was from fifteen years in the past and a universe to the side or so occurred to her in the middle of the kata she was going through.

Oh, she knew this already, of course she did. But her mind liked to remind her of it at the strangest times. She hid it well, though, coming to the end of it and looking to Adam with a triumphant grin.

"Not half damn bad, huh?"

She was more than "not half damn bad," though. Adam or one of his friends worked with her every time she was there and she kept up with it back home. She wasn't as good as Adam and his friends were, but she could more than hold her own in a fight.

[For one that knows who he is!]
Tags: adam park, angel grove, eve levine, not a power ranger in training
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