Eve Levine (blackmagic_eve) wrote,
Eve Levine

New York City, Wednesday Evening

Eve had rapidly come to the conclusion that she needed a damn vacation, preferably while it was still actually summer. Between school -- not that she remembered where she was in school without having to stop and think about it, a sure sign that her brain was too overworked -- and work, she was kept entirely too damn busy for her liking.

Clearly, the solution to this was to skip off for a few days and visit... someone. Not that she knew who who, but meh. She knew people, she had options. If nothing else, she'd go to Fandom and commandeer Sean and Annja's couch for a couple days. Which would serve the added bonus of annoying them, because they'd told her more than once that she always had use of a guest room whenever she was there.

But as she moved around the kitchen, putting away leftovers and waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, she was content enough to stay at home for the moment. She could be a simple creature sometimes. Other times, not so much.

[Open for phone calls/visits/texts/emails/smoke signals/whatever you want!]
Tags: eve levine, i need a vacation, lazy is fun, nyc
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