Eve Levine (blackmagic_eve) wrote,
Eve Levine

New York City, Friday Night

For once, Eve wasn't worrying about school or work or family or any damn thing. It was a nice change. Granted, it would only last until the next catastrophe at work -- real or imagined, given that some of her employees were a bit on the high-strung side -- but it was a nice change nonetheless.

She lay sprawled on the couch, flipping idly through the television stations. She wasn't really watching anything and she wasn't really looking for anything to watch, but it was something mindless to do and she did so enjoy mindless when the occasion called for it.

Plus she was waiting for Adam to call her -- she'd been waiting most of the day. Not that she was worried; she knew it was a busy day for him. She just didn't want to call it a night until he'd called, on the off chance that her phone didn't wake her up. Her ring tone was the most obnoxious thing she could think of -- The Song That Never Ends, in tribute to her long-standing friendship with Gwynn -- but even that couldn't wake her up if she was sleeping soundly enough. Kristof had always said she could sleep through the apocalypse, something she... really couldn't argue with in principle, even if she'd argue the vague terminology of it.

Stifling a yawn, she flipped through another channel or two before contemplating whether she wanted to roll off the couch and get a snack.

(For one in particular but open to any and all!)
Tags: doing things is overrated, eve levine, lazy is fun, nyc
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