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7/31/13 08:42 pm - New York City, Wednesday Evening

Eve had rapidly come to the conclusion that she needed a damn vacation, preferably while it was still actually summer. Between school -- not that she remembered where she was in school without having to stop and think about it, a sure sign that her brain was too overworked -- and work, she was kept entirely too damn busy for her liking.

Clearly, the solution to this was to skip off for a few days and visit... someone. Not that she knew who who, but meh. She knew people, she had options. If nothing else, she'd go to Fandom and commandeer Sean and Annja's couch for a couple days. Which would serve the added bonus of annoying them, because they'd told her more than once that she always had use of a guest room whenever she was there.

But as she moved around the kitchen, putting away leftovers and waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, she was content enough to stay at home for the moment. She could be a simple creature sometimes. Other times, not so much.

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5/31/13 09:37 pm - New York City, Friday Night

For once, Eve wasn't worrying about school or work or family or any damn thing. It was a nice change. Granted, it would only last until the next catastrophe at work -- real or imagined, given that some of her employees were a bit on the high-strung side -- but it was a nice change nonetheless.

She lay sprawled on the couch, flipping idly through the television stations. She wasn't really watching anything and she wasn't really looking for anything to watch, but it was something mindless to do and she did so enjoy mindless when the occasion called for it.

Plus she was waiting for Adam to call her -- she'd been waiting most of the day. Not that she was worried; she knew it was a busy day for him. She just didn't want to call it a night until he'd called, on the off chance that her phone didn't wake her up. Her ring tone was the most obnoxious thing she could think of -- The Song That Never Ends, in tribute to her long-standing friendship with Gwynn -- but even that couldn't wake her up if she was sleeping soundly enough. Kristof had always said she could sleep through the apocalypse, something she... really couldn't argue with in principle, even if she'd argue the vague terminology of it.

Stifling a yawn, she flipped through another channel or two before contemplating whether she wanted to roll off the couch and get a snack.

(For one in particular but open to any and all!)

3/30/13 05:36 pm - New York City, Saturday Evening

Eve's day had been a long one, full of dealing with idiotic customers and even more idiotic staff. Especially the guy who'd been working for her for two years who'd jacked up a customer's order so badly that the customer had threatened to sue. Never mind that the woman had been ridiculously high maintenance throughout the entire photography session, Eve had still had to make things right. It'd left her feeling utterly furious and ready to slap someone.

Instead, she'd gone home early and was now settled down in front of her television with Chinese food and really good alcohol. It wasn't violence, but it was almost as good. She'd take it.

Of course, it would've been nicer had there been something decent on TV to watch, for her definition of decent. But there wasn't, so she was reduced to watching a movie so bad even she didn't like it -- and so she heckled it. Not as much fun by herself, but still entertaining anyway.

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8/1/12 04:56 pm - New York City, Wednesday Evening

Eve had stuck around Fandom just long enough to make sure her loved ones were all right before she'd taken off for home, where she'd promptly crawled into bed and hidden, surfacing only long enough each morning to call off work. There was no way she could face normality at the moment, she just couldn't. Maybe in a few days. And it was her place, she could do what she damn well pleased.

At the moment, though, she sat up in bed, her cell phone in her hands as she debated calling people just to check up on them one more time.

And then she remembered someone she hadn't called at all. Adam. She'd been so focused on not falling apart that she'd neglected to call him, which was not at all like her but entirely understandable. But was she ready to yet? She wasn't sure.

[For one mostly, but open for calls and visits as well.]

6/5/12 11:00 am - New York City, Tuesday Afternoon

Eve was done with school for the year, which meant all she had to worry about was the store. Which was where she should have been, would have been if not for the voicemail from Savannah... and the two calls from Johnny. She'd ignored them rather than answer them, but had cut her day short and gone home early.

So now she was in her apartment, curled up on the couch and worrying for her daughter and wondering what was wrong. Because something was obviously very wrong. She just hoped Savannah would call her soon to let her know what exactly it was. Sooner rather than later, because she knew her daughter. There'd be a phone call eventually.

Sighing, she moved to her computer and tried to distract herself.

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11/30/11 09:30 am - Lighthouse Cottage, Wednesday Morning

Eve was sitting out on the front porch of the cottage with a cup of coffee in her hands. It'd gone cold a long time ago, but holding it was a soothing, comforting action. It was something familiar, something she could cling to.

She didn't like what was going on, didn't like it one bit. But even more than that, she didn't like that there was nothing she could do about it. She didn't do well with being completely unable to do something about a situation. She never and and probably never would.

Sighing, she took a sip of her cold-as-hell coffee and made a face. She should really go inside and microwave it or something.

[Open like an open thing!]

11/23/11 09:34 pm - New York City, Wednesday Evening

Eve hadn't been able to get hold of Savannah, which worried her only for a second until she looked out the window and had that overwhelming urge to start flailing. Um, hi, getting out of town nao, and that was her only concern.

But she couldn't go just anywhere. She still had people who mattered, even if she couldn't get hold of Savannah. And Savannah would never forgive her for not making sure that Gwynn was all right.

She made one last attempt at calling Savannah -- it made sense to her, after all -- and when she got no answer this time, she was out the door without so much as a suitcase.

She might regret that later.

11/18/11 08:37 pm - New York City, Friday Night

Eve had just pulled the longest shift ever -- or what felt like it, at least -- and now she was happily curled up on the couch with her favorite alcohol and her favorite trashy television show.

It was a good evening. A peaceful evening. She liked those evenings.

She didn't have nearly enough of them.

[It won't be peaceful for long! Open for phone calls, texts, emails, whatever.]

9/18/11 05:30 pm - New York City, Sunday Evening

Eve was of the opinion that homework was ass. She hadn't liked it the first time she'd had to do it, and she hadn't liked it when she was at Fandom, so why the hell was she going to like it now that she was a business major?

Answer: she wasn't.

Which explained why she was sitting on her couch with a textbook on her lap and a pint of ice cream in her hands. If she had to study, she might as well have fun while doing it.

And then later she'd call Sean and make him explain this stuff to her so it actually sounded like English and not utter nonsense.

Or she'd do it tomorrow, since Phoebe was coming over tonight. Yeah, that would make more sense. Because really, like Eve was going to be in any mood to do her homework once her friend actually got there? Hell, she was barely in the mood to do it now. But she had to admit, at least it killed the time.

[For Phoebe!]

6/22/11 08:50 pm - Angel Grove, Wednesday Fandom-time

Things occurred to Eve at the most random of times, like when the fact that her boyfriend was from fifteen years in the past and a universe to the side or so occurred to her in the middle of the kata she was going through.

Oh, she knew this already, of course she did. But her mind liked to remind her of it at the strangest times. She hid it well, though, coming to the end of it and looking to Adam with a triumphant grin.

"Not half damn bad, huh?"

She was more than "not half damn bad," though. Adam or one of his friends worked with her every time she was there and she kept up with it back home. She wasn't as good as Adam and his friends were, but she could more than hold her own in a fight.

[For one that knows who he is!]
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